About Us

Every day, people all over the world find they need help with their finances to cope with unexpected expenses, but they find that they are ignored by traditional lenders. The closer we got to the problem and the more we understood the needs and pressures faced by those with limited money and credit, the more we realized that a new, flexible solution was needed.

We are a website where you can find some great solutions for your personal financial situation: whether you want to finance a large expense, cover a credit card debt, or simply borrow money for your business, you can always come here. We work with the variety of lenders who provide all these services.

Our products are designed to provide responsible solutions to the daily financial needs of modern life, especially for people who are not well served by major finance.

We do not just work with a lender. However, we choose the best possible lenders in the industry for you through our matching loan mechanism that makes decisions based on the data you provide on the loan application form.
We knew people needed something new, fast, secure (we offer security connection), but reliable.

It takes only five minutes to complete your loan application. Once approved, you can have your money in an hour, depending on your bank. Please note that applications submitted outside business hours may take a little longer to process.

By making your payments on time, you will build a good Small Cash credit history. Depending on your financial circumstances, this may allow you to borrow larger amounts at cheaper costs in the future.