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Established in 1996, the leading debt solution provider Baines & Ernst, has established tremendous working relationships with over 3,500 creditors while helping over 140,000 individuals solve their debt problems.

Members of the Debt Managers Standards Association (DEMSA), Baines & Ernst advisers do not judge those who seek help. But instead, they offer practical advice and solid solutions to debt problems by evaluating every inquiry on its own merits. Whatever is the best solution for the individual is the one that will be recommended by advisers using honest and clear advice.

Baines & Ernst offers a range of services, including: Debt Management Plans, Debt Relief Orders, Trust Deeds, Debt Consolidation, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), Bankruptcy, Sequestration, Debt Settlements and Evolution Banking.

Whatever your circumstances Baines and Ernest can help. Here is a list of services offered.

Debt Management

Repayment of debts is made easier by their negotiations with your creditors. In nearly 85% of cases, interest and charges were frozen via negotiations. Baine’s advisers work with the creditors to cut monthly payments as well.


Baines and Ernest give the best possible consultation to the client for bankruptcy petitions and provide relief to consumers.

IVA Advice

Baines and Ernest specializes in IVA advice, and in most cases, they freeze consumer interest and charges during the term of IVA. This is plus for consumers as they get relief from higher payments.

Trust Deeds

PTDs are available to people living in Scotland. The firm negotiates to freeze interest and charges, and the debts are written off at the end of the term.

Debt Relief Orders

The company provides an alternative to Bankruptcy filing for free in case bankruptcy is not warranted. This service is, of course, free.

After reviewing these services, we find that Baines & Ernest is the leader in Debt relief and Debt consolidation services among its peers. You can apply online or from the comfort of your home or call in for an appointment or work with them on the telephone.

There a free no-obligation number to call, and it is easier for you to get in touch with them.

Baines & Ernest employs a team of well-trained financial advisers with many years of debt relief and debt consolidation experience. In this regard, Ernest & Baines stands above the crowd and most experienced in the trade.

Ernest & Baines are members of Debt Managers Standard Association and have been awarded Debt Management provider of the year award by Insolvency and Rescue organization.

With a solid track record and specialization in overall debt management, we highly recommend their services. One has to be careful when evaluating the services of any organization.

We also found a few social endorsements on the site. However, I am sure you can ask them at least three references before you start working with them.

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