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Privacy Policy

Small Cash - Privacy Policy

Our company (later called Company) collects information from its users to be able to perform its main activity and provide services to them. The information collected through our website (later called Website) can be of 2 types:

Data collected at the registration

When the client wants to get service of Company, he is registered on Website and provides necessary information in the application form. He later has opportunity to get news and updated information concerning certain service or product.

Email Information

In case we exchange messages via mail, the letters can include some important info therefore they can stored alongside with email address.

Used Information

The site (later called Website) employs necessary technologies and standard log files for collection of information. The technical means that can be employed for it are server logs and cookies. Thanks to this information it is possible to define the duration of time spent by user on Website, time when the users enters the site and how much time he uses Website. All this is needed not to track users but in order to be aware of users’ interests to make the website better.

Sharing Information

No third party is going to get your personal information from Company, which carefully protects all sensitive data. Private data is never unveiled and such facts as email address remain in the Company for effective communication. The exception takes place only when sharing is required for effective performance of activity.
The Privacy Policy allows to share the information to the affiliates, but only if you follow the policy at that. All users who apply to Website, automatically agree with the fact that they will be contacted for communication and news.

Disclosure of Information

If the legal bodies require disclosure of information, Company has to act in compliance with the law. If violation of terms of service takes place, then the user’s information is going to be unveiled to protect other users of the service from unauthorized actions.

Other Sites Warning

Company is not accountable for actions of other website that conduct activities, even when it has to do with the activity of Website. We also can’t answer for the content placed somewhere else. We do not bear responsibility for links on the website. When you go away from Website we do not answer for the content that you can find as you click on the links. You should also be careful leaving your personal information on other sites even if you discovered the link to them on Website. Take into consideration that they can practice absolutely different approach and our privacy policy will not be active there. If you are going to register in other place you should be informed about the rules of the service you want to use.

Information Security

We protect the information that our users provided for us. We use the servers that are perfectly protected. Besides, all our equipment is protected from intrusion. SSL protection is also used to guard sensitive data. Every time you want to transfer sensitive information the data is encrypted.

We ask our users to deliver accurate information while we will do everything to use it in a right way and protect it.

Use of Opt-In and Opt-Out

Company gives its subscribers freedom of choice and they can unsubscribe from letters and subsequent communication if they wish. You can always choose out-out feature. After this you will not get letters you do not need.

Policy Changes

Company can make amendments to privacy policy. The changes can be introduced without preliminary notice.


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